Transparent Knowledge is a global network of research analyst and offers top research findings boxed in a simple solution which can be easily implemented by any investor in own portfolio.
Our research is driven by fundamentals and valuation analysis, as well as quantitative methods. Using our proprietary multi-factor models, we focus on the assessment of value-creating factors based on asset economic life cycle and identify appropriate investing periods. We believe that the price of an asset is ultimately driven by the fundamentals. Hence, bottom-up asset selection is at the core of the research process. The quality and depth of our empirical models and rigorous analyst research are the keys to consistently identifying the factors which drive the asset’s future valuation.
We help investment funds and family offices to diversify strategies mix used in the investment process. Our strategies can be used as a stand-alone solution or in addition to the existing portfolio. Additionally our models and research process can be tailored according to clients circumstances.
For more details about our research methods and strategies please refer to the matching section of this website.